The correct clock is a Jaeger 8 day type, 60mm nominal diameter (the body was about 59.5mm dia., the hole in the sheet about 61mm, and the overall diameter over the bezel was about 63.5mm).  The majority of British Jaeger clocks of this period were 80mm in diameter and are relatively easily found in autojumbles.  However, these 60mm types are rare. 

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This says "8 days" on the dial. Probably an original Jaeger.

From Chassis 7231.

Believed to be an original instrument.

From Chassis 7308.

Believed to be an original instrument.

From Chassis 7317.

The 60mm clock, as illustrated in the British Jaeger catalogue.

A Swiss-made Jaeger clock, 60mm diameter. This has arabic numerals (the FWD cars seem to have had roman numerals).

No doubt, in future it will be considered very bad behaviour to turn up at a meeting with the wrong sort of numerals on your 60mm Jaeger clock.