A Miscellany of FWD components                  

No matter how much you may think that you have re-assembled your FWD for the last time, the components have other ideas.  This selection shows some old friends.

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Front suspension

This set of parts includes modified striker plates which bridge across the underside of the leading and trailing springs and prevent the steering lock-up accident.

Original front shock absorbers on Tim Crowe's 1929 FE 4 seat tourer.

This component is generally referred to as the "Fruit Bowl". That is because it is a fruit bowl.

Brake cross shaft

Property of Bruce Jorss

Exhaust manifold castings.

These castings, awaiting fettling, were produced under the direction of Paul Bamford in 2006.

Engine bay of 1928 FB Saloon

This is a 1928 photo showing the original under-bonnet layout.

Gearbox and differential assembly

Self-dismantling engine

Artistic credit - Gerry Michelmore

Right foot - Gerry Michelmore