Lighting and charging panel                  

The original Lucas electrical panel seems to have survived on many FWD cars, but there are some variations in finishes and the dial colour of the ammeter. 

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This is an original panel, but may have been plated later.

(From Chassis 7191).

A standard panel.

The very fancy labels are required for racing. (Chassis 7308)

Ammeters can be found with white (or off-white) background, or with black background.

It seems likely that the white background was used in 1928-29.

From Chassis 7193

From Chassis 7306.

The black paint may be original.

From Chassis 7313.

Another variation - black ammeter, metallic panel.

From Chassis 7315, the car now in Honda Museum.

Black panel, white ammeter.

Chassis 7317.