Steering Wheels                  

The FA and FB type cars had a rigid steering column, with hand throttle, ignition controls and horn button on the centre boss of the wheel.  On the later FD and FE cars, a flexible joint was introduced in the steering column, which meant that these items would have to be relocated onto the dashboard. 

It is believed that the earlier cars had "René Thomas" sprung spoke steering wheels, while the later cars including all the FD and FE types used 18 inch "Bluemels" wheels, as described at this link

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Chassis 7315

Later type wheel.

Chassis 7231

Chassis 7308

Chassis 6992, early FA type, looking correct in every detail. This car has a "René Thomas" steering wheel.

Chassis 7210. Another early type steering column, horn button missing. This item came from chassis 7035 (an FA type) originally.

Chassis 6992, side view.