The "Alcyl" centralised lubrication system                  

According to the Parts Specification Lists, the early FWD cars (FA and FB type, up to about July 1928) were fitted with some 19 Tecalemit grease nipples.  This 1928 advertisement shows that the successful FC type TT team cars of that year were fitted with the Tecalemit non-centralised system.  However, the later FD and FE types were fitted as standard with the "Alcyl" centralised lubrication system, which consisted of an oil container mounted on the bulkhead in the engine bay, which fed a number of chassis components, including:

The FWD Instruction Book states on page 45:  "Lubrication.   The owner has been relieved of a considerable amount of lubrication on the chassis portion of the front wheel drive Alvis, as he would have realised, as soon as he received the car, that oil is conducted through the container on the engine side of the dashboard which is conveyed through flexible metallic piping to nipples on the various articulating parts.  Certain parts, however, cannot be treated in this way you will, therefore, have to use the grease gun for the top and bottom of steering pivots." 

The manual identifies the centralised system lubricant as Castrol "F", for which the modern equivalent is Castrol XL30. 

Some useful original Alcyl literature can be found at the following links:

Alcyl System large brochure 1928

Alcyl System small brochure          This has detailed technical illustrations of piping and fittings.

Alcyl system 1928 price list

The photos below include several of chassis 7315, the car bought by Professor Hama and now in the Honda Museum.  These photos show the car while it was with Ashton Keynes Restorations, who undertook a meticulous restoration of the entire car, including the whole of the Alcyl system, traces of which had been found on the chassis.  The photos include some original and some reproduction components. 

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Chassis 7290 (ex Tom Wright, then owned by Barry Bowyer)

Original Alcyl container on bulkhead.

The Honda Museum car - reproduction oil box with beautifully engraved labelling.

Whole chassis seen from rear, with Alcyl piping visible.

Steering shaft bearing.

Driver's side brake cross shaft bearing.

Piping on driver's side.

Handbrake pivot

Piping to rear offside

Feed to offside rear suspension bearing

Vertical steering shaft, nearside

Brake cross shaft, nearside

Piping to rear nearside

Feed to nearside rear suspension bearing

Original (left) and modern (right)

Ashton Keynes Restorations found a suitable plastic pipe that was routed inside the helical would armouring.

Two different connecting bolts

Two Alcyl bolts - numbered 3 and 5